Starting Place

I begin this blog with  disclosing my own beliefs and assumptions.  This will not be an apologetics of my beliefs, for I do not desire to convince anyone.  I only desire to continue my growth in union with God.  I hold that much of what is now becoming public knowledge in the realm of esoteric teachings (gnostic) as well as some New Age ideas are true.  I also am trying to approach this angle while holding as true much of my Catholic Christian background.  The latter, however, can only be accessed through the mystical mind, the non-dual mind, rather than from dogma.  I hold that this universe is alive and in fact it is made up of beings within beings within beings. My main sources of inspiration today are: they mystical writings of religious thinkers, Cynthia Bourgeault, The Law of One, Richard Rohr, Scott Mandelker, the Bible, and many more.

I am also convinced that disclosure about secret space programs and secret Earth governments is imminent.  I am called to help humanity adjust to what will be a completely new and expansive way to understand ourselves, the Cosmos, and God.  This blog helps me write down reflections that have been brewing for some time.  The main questions that I hold in tension are these:

1) Who was Jesus of Nazareth?

2) How did the Christ-man metaphysically change Earth with his life, death, resurrection, and ascension?

3) How do we synthesis Christian understanding with the Law of One as brought to us by a 6th Density being named Ra?

4) How can we surrender our dualistic viewpoints to embrace the world with a more non-dual perspective that starts with this premise: All is One, for there nothing outside of the One exists?

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