Eucharistic Life and a Resonating Quote from Robert Monroe

When I participate in the Eucharist, I feel that I am beholding in my hand, in my mouth, and in my being, all of the Universe, indeed all of God. I am interpenetrated by Absolute Beingness which comes over me like an overshadowing upon my Relative Beingness.
When I am in adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament, my own gnosis is that I am in the presence of Presence, Itself.  The essence of what I am adoring is no different than mine, but it’s scope is eternally transcendent.  I am That, but That transcends me.  Like a Russian nesting doll, I fit inside the Presence and our fragrances of different gnoses (Presence’s Absolute-Gnosis, and my Relative-Gnosis) interpenetrate.
To the degree that I am capable, I transcend even me into the Oneness, or void. At those times, I personally experience flowing in the Trinitarian life of God, it is no longer a mind trip or theory. Practically speaking, too, I feel that I can move my own beingness, or expand it, so that it intermingles/interpenetrates with other objects whether organic or manmade.  In a way that is more than my imagination, I greet the old oak tree at the UD parking lot with an mutual blessing.  It’s not two beings shaking hand or touching each other externally. Rather, I intentionally move my beingness into the tree, with its permission, and feel what it feels.  We bless each other.  We are friends and we are one. Moreover, I don’t feel any different ontologically than the tree.  We are all God in limited fashion.  Or I could say that we are limited parts of God nested inside (indwelling) God’s fullness.
So, the Eucharist, for me, is like a vortex of Absolute Beingness that opens up and interpenetrates my Relative Beingness.  All other beings of the creation are God AND exist in relationship to each other through our Relative-Beingness; thus we bless each other.  To the degree that other beings are more transcended than I am, is to the degree that they call me up and out in my ongoing metanoia.  We mutually bless each other yet I acknowledge a hearty thanksgiving for overshadowing me. For I did not overshadow them since I am less metaphysically dense given my current Relative-Gnosis/Beingness.
This gnosis of beingness, that I now enjoy, makes me just so dang grateful.  I know that every struggle I have is allowing me to open up more to higher levels of Relative-Gnosis/Beingness towards Absolute-Gnosis/Beingness.  Every joy I feel is also a window into higher transcendence. We are all here to do two things! To know God and to love God.  When we do these two things, we learn that we are the Body of God which makes us just “die” with gratitude over the mystery of unity.  We “rise” in greater levels of love and thus, as far as I can tell, greater responsibility/roles, in being available to help other “sparks of God” transcend their current Relative-Gnosis/Beingness.  Forgiveness, Love, and Gratitude raise the planetary vibrations… nothing else will.  And the only way to really experience these three actions/conditions of soul, is to seek God ever more and allow That which is Transcendent to wipe our lenses of perception ever cleaner. It is God in me, in my limited Gnosis-of-Beingness, that desires to evermore transcend/expand towards God, in God’s fullness. The more we see, the more we become what we already are.  And the only real response for this free and eternal gift is, “THANK YOU!!” to the Mystery of Unity, the One Infinite Creator. It is no wonder then why the word “Eucharist” was chosen for this act of participating in Communion. The word “Eucharist” is a transliteration of the Greek word eucharistia, which is itself a translation of the Hebrew word berekah. All three words have the meaning of thanksgiving, or praise for the wonderful works of God. 
This next quote is from Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys. My friend, A.C., emailed it to me. I like it so much I wanted to post it.
SS /NVP  (DECORATOR ) 92:30 MIN  #388
“Blessed are they who seek me. In seeking me, their long period of
forgetfulness is coming to an end. They are awakening to who they truly
are —a living part of me, manifesting life and radiating love.
“You have forgotten to look for me, much less gaze upon my countenance,
oh, ye of little faith. There are countless numbers who live in the
expectancy of my coming. In truth, I never left.
“Let him who has ears to hear, let him hear, now.
“You seek me amidst your blindness. You look upon me without recognition.
You touch my hand and know not whom you have touched.
“You proclaim my name and my teachings as it suits you and the
occasion. Awaken, behold the reality of my being that is among you.
“I am the earthquake, wind, and fire.
“I am the still small voice piercing the thunderous tumult.
“I am the peace beyond all understanding.
“I am the light that guides all men to the Father.
“I am the love that overcometh all things.
“l am the light that illumines the minds of men. lam the sustenance
of men’s souls.
“I am your life and you are my own.
“I am the very breath you breathe.
“We are one in the Father.
“Do not despair, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, nor can you
truly forsake me, for we are one.
“Let the old way be gone. It must die and its ashes be blown to the
four corners of the earth. The new is emerging but you must change your
perspective. Do not look for me in the form of a man. The time is not yet.
But look for me in the life that speaks to you in your everyday activities.
You have looked amiss.
“I have no limitations and am not bound by physical dimensions.
“I defy logic and am beyond your conceptual imaginings.
“I live and move and have my being in all there is. You have sought me
“My countenance is seen within each face of my Father’s creation.
Look upon your brother and see my face.
“Bend over a still pool. Do not be deceived. The image that you see
reflected is my own.
“Do you not see the truth now?
“Learn of me. Take within your hand a leaf, a stone, a drop of water,
and know that nothing exists that does not contain me.
“Have you not known that I am eternal life and therefore recognize
neither the past nor the future? Only the now, that is. Live in the now,
with me.
“I stand in the light, as you stand in the light. But you do not know of
your light. I am here to show you that your light and my light are one and
the same. Once you recognize this divine light to be a part of all that is,
will you then begin to understand your own relationship to life, to your
creator, and thereby to your own sonship eternal.
“I neither slumber nor sleep and you must leant that your soul neither
slumbers nor sleeps. Once you realize this, you are aware of your spiritual
vitality and wakefulness to your high consciousness. In so knowing you
will understand that I am truly closer than your hands and your feet. In
this knowing, in this knowledge, we are one.
“Live in truth. Be truth. Live in beauty. Become an artist in living.
“Live in me and let me express you.
“I reside in all space and no space, all time and no time.
“Once you turn and become a part of my reality, all power is restored
unto you. This is the power that makes you one with all things. This is
the power that will set you free.

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